End of Summer John John

End of Summer John John

Finishing this was so cathartic because it was one of those projects where the fabric hangs around and you start to feel guilty because you know you need to finish it. In particular, this fabric was extra loved because it was gifted for a set of first birthday outfits. Baby’s birthday came and went before I finished these. So when they came off the machine in time to wear for the closing on our new home it was a great feeling.

The pattern is easy to assemble and cut out. I’m part of the LLK facebook group and LOVE seeing all the hacks and mashups that other people create from this pattern company.

Fast Stats
Pattern: Wellesley by Little Lizard King
Fabric: 3 yards thin cotton for toiles; 1.5 yards horse & football corduroy for finished garment (3 yards combined) all purchased from local sewing shop
Listened to: Love to Sew podcasts in no particular order
Project Time: 5-10 hours

The Wellesley John John

I made about 3 toiles of this outfit. It’s a simple outfit but I realized after I bought it that our son is at the top of the size line and maybe even a little bigger than the measures for the biggest size! Eek! So I did some math and added here and there and made a few trials before cutting into the fabric.

My mother-in-law is a queen and a champion and a solid rock for our family. She’s a very impressive lady to say the least. She bought the corduroy fabrics when she came to visit and I took her to the local fabric shop. So the fact that the fabric was gifted with a specific purpose (first birthday outfits) made me excited to use it but nervous to have the pattern completely fail.

Needless to say, the toiles helped and sewing up the pair of JonJons was fairly easy. I bought coordinating thread for each shade of blue and sourced the buttons from my button inherited button collection. My mom attempted sewing and was stellar at buying craft supplies (not always using them!) so I’m fortunate to have large button collection.

The first outfit was the football JonJon that I added width to. It turned out that the extra width wasn’t really necessary so I made a straight 4 on the second outfit.

I am biased, but bubs is the cutest little baby I know. And he’s a great button model!

For the button holes I used a tight zigzag stitch on my 1970s Kenmore sewing machine. I have a newer Kenmore that was my mother’s which has a button foot but I was feeling the pressure of self-administered deadlines and instead of figuring out the button foot on a machine that I don’t know as well I turned to the 1970s machine and made it work.

The Verdict

The cutest little bubs there ever was

This project will more than likely not take nearly as long if you don’t feel the need to make toiles and/or you’re a more experienced tailor. This was my first solo project I completed since I returned to sewing roughly five months ago. I’ve had lessons in the past but only really become obsessed with sewing in the last six months.

I would make this pattern a bazillion times! It came out adorably. Max is getting ready to outgrown this sizing but I plan to make this for our friends who have babies as they come along! I definitely recommend the pattern.

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